Friday, December 26, 2008

You call it terrorism, I call it direct action.

So I've been thinking a lot about what the FBI calls "domestic terrorism" lately(this is a shining example of my interminable holiday spirit). I'm not in much of a writing mood but I really wanted to touch on this issue for a minute. When a group of people steal and/or cause property damage in the name of a social cause, The Law calls it "special interest domestic terrorism". It would just be petty theft and common vandalism, but the fact that it's done in an effort to push for social change makes it terrorism.

"Terrorism" is such a loosely defined term, who's to say what is and isn't? Personally, I define terrorism as direct acts of violence towards a specific group of people in an attempt to intimidate and cause actual physical and psychological harm. Groups like The ALF(Animal Liberation Front) and The ELF(Environmental Liberation Front)are infamous for destroying property and stealing from large companies in order to make their strategies less profitable. Genocide is terrorism. Imperialism is terrorism. When the police beat up an innocent kid for trying to protest in the street, that's terrorism, but smashing up some lab equipment and tagging a few walls does not in my opinion constitute as terrorism.

I support groups that break the law to make a difference. While I don't believe in violence, I believe that vandalism and thievery are perfectly acceptable(I'm a punk rock kid, what do you expect?),especially when it's in the name or positive social change. That's what's been on my mind lately, and I thought I'd share it with you.

Take care of each other

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